Store Hours:

Mon. Tues. Fri. & Sat.  11 - 5

Wed. & Thurs. 11 - 7

Sun. 1 - 5


Consignment Hours:

Mon. Tues. & Fri. 11 - 3

Wed. & Thurs. 11 - 5

Saturday by appointment only 


Closets features women's fashions, shoes, jewelry, accessories, children's fashions and men's casual attire. We also consign art and decorative objects.

  •   Up to 20 items can be brought in per consignor each day.

  •   Fashion items no more than two years old and in excellent condition.

  •   All clothing items must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned.

  •   Clothing must be wrinkle and spot-free.

  •   Clothing that has been in storage or that has any scent will not be viewed.

  •   All clothing should be brought in on hangers.



(Dates are approximate)

Spring: February - June

Summer: April - July 

Fall: August - December

Winter: September - January


Closets has an annual handling fee of $15.00 for consignors who choose to pick up any unsold items. The annual handling fee is $5.00 for consignors who have unsold items donated to charity. Charity receipts are available upon request.

The consignment period is 10 - 14 weeks; 8 - 10 weeks at full price and the final two weeks at 40% off. All items are subject to store sales and negotiated prices. The consignor will be paid 50% of the selling price after the consignment period has ended. Consignors who choose to pick up unsold items will have up to two weeks to do so. Consignors who choose the donate option may receive payment from their sold items by mail, upon request.